About Us

Mpilo-ende Fortified Foods is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor in terms of the BBBEE Scorecards.

We are a 100% black youth and women owned professionally managed food manufacturing company, that has identified food fortification as a niche in the food manufacturing sector.

This niche is recognised for its role in combating malnutrition, hunger and curbing poverty for Food Security (especially in the continent of AFRICA where more than 240 million go to bed hungry each day), whilst also promoting nutrition and health in general food consumption.

The company manufactures grain processed food products and supplements for regional markets (AFRICA) distribution, as well as other strategic global markets.

Our fortified food products are used by various governments, food and humanitarian aid organisations, blue chip retail and wholesale groups, as well as for potential contract manufacturing for market specific export food products (ready to eat meals) to war torn and much impoverished African states.

Mpilo-ende is the founding member of the Africa Food Manufacturers & Processors Association, whilst also an active member of the United Nations Systems Standing Committee on Nutrition, and an associate member of the National Food Alliance (SA Chapter) which is the initiative of the South African Health Department and GAIN.


Given the strengths and opportunities in the agro-processing industry, we have developed a vision 2020 with an appropriate strategy and implementable action plan, so as to :-

  • enhance farmer income,
  • generate employment opportunities,
  • provide choice to consumers at affordable price, whilst contributing to overall national growth by increasing:
    • the level of food processing from 6% to 20%,
    • value addition from 20% to 35%,
    • and share in global food trade from 1.5% to 3%

Vision 2020 aims to enhance better choice through dynamism, competitiveness, and ensuring safety and quality of food by introducing a transparent and scientific system of standards in the country.

To achieve this, we aim to :-

  • Make this project attractive to both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Achieve integration of the agro- processing infrastructure from farmer to processor.

Mpilo-ende Fortified Foods is committed to manufacturing and supplying the market(s) with quality agro-processed foods , that have been certified to be compliant with most of the highest processing standards, whilst also aiming to lead the industry through world class innovation and research.

Our mission is to transform the agriculture (primary), and agro-processing (value add) industry in South Africa for the greater benefit of the country, by changing the lives of its citizenry, through socio-economic development programmes, geared towards placing South Africa at the fore front of Food Security activism in the region (AFRICA).

We stand behind our products, our service and our word.